My grade 7 year.

  This year was a very fun year.

 It was a bit awkward coming to a new school but it was worth it. I liked how I did not get alot of homework. I also liked how we went on alot of trips. One of my favourite trips were curling and skiing.

Overall this was a pretty good year and I had aliot of fun

Staying safe

There are alot of ways that you can be safe on the internet and in these next few paragraphs I am going to tell you how.

 When you are sighning up for a social media site you should think to yourself and see if you are giving to much information about yourself.  Most thing you sighn up for you should not use your real last name. You could a fake last name or just not right anything under the colume that asks what your last name is. Another thing you should not do is tell where you live or your postal code and your interests.

 When I sighn up for something on the internet I ask my self if my parents would let me sighn up and give the information needed. Also when I am sighning up for something and it asks what my phone number is and my credit card pin I do not sighn up for that site because I could get in alot of trouble.

 When I am sighned of for a social media site like facebook and I want to post something I think to my self would my parents like me saying that and if I do not think they would then I would not post it.  Also I try to say nice things to people when I am on facebook because if I would not like someone saying it about me I would not say it about them

Peterborough and about me.

Peterborough is a very nice city. It has some nice tour atractions like the liflocks. My favourite thing in peterborough to do is golfing or hockey. My favourite golf couse is kawatha golf and country club and my favourite hockey arena is the evinrude. Kawartha is a very nice golf couse and then evinrude is a really good hockey arena.

peterborough has a ohl hockey team and the name of the team is the peterborough petes. The are not very good they never make the playoffs. We also have a lacrosse team and the name of the team is the lakers. The are a very good lacrosse team.

Overall peterborough is a very nice city and I think if u guys have a chance to come see peterborough I think you






My thoughts on blogging.

These are my thought on blogging.

I enjoy blogging a lot because I enjoy typing and I do not like to write alot of words with a pencil I would rather type it all out.
I also thinkk blogging is good because in class when you have to write about something it is really easy to do it on your blog because then the teacher can see your work. Also when you are writing with a pencil you can not tell if you spelled something wrong but on the computer you can which saves you asking your teacher alot. The last reaso I think we should keep blogging is because if you ever have done something cool that you want to tell people about you can write it on your blog instead of telling people alot of times.

I think blogging has help me as a writter because I have done a lot of blog entrys on my blog and usually after you do something a lot it makes you better. One thing that I like about blogging is that I am not a very good speller so this way I can see if I am spelling the words right. Another reason why I like to blog is because I enjoy writing stuff about my life so this way I able to say any cool things that are happinning in my life. Another reason why I like blogging is because I enjoy typing way more then writing so this way I get to. The last reason I liking blogging Is because it is really easy and I am good at it so I like to blog

That is why I like to blog

Walkerton Water Issue.

In the year 2000 in a small comunity named walkerton,Ontario there was a really sad water issue. In the issue 7 peole died and over 5000 people sufferd of this bacteria. This all started on may 15 2000.

The water supply became contamined with highly dangerous o157
:h7 strain of E.coli bacteria. The infection often leads to blue diarrea and sometines kidney failure and 7 unlucky people died because of this issue.

After the issue the Ontario clean water agency was put in charge of the cleanup of the walkerton systyem so the water would be back to normal and all clean again. Also the Ontario goverment was acused for not having good water quality

This was a very sad time for many people and hopefully this does not happen again.

My opinion on tecnology

I think that teconology should be aloud in school because I think that tecnology inproves our learning. There are many reason why I think we should be aloud tecnology and in these next paragraphs I will explain why.

One reason why I think we should be aloud tecnology is because if we have a question we can instintly look it up on the internet. Also our generation is tecnology. If we do not learn how to use tecnology we will have a hard time when we grow up. The reason we come to school is to learn so I think that when we should come to school we should learn how to use tecnology and seach the right stuff, because when we are older we will have a hard time not knowing how to use tecnology.

Another reason why we should be aloud tecnology is because it is much faster then hand writing everything. Also when we use laptops we learn how too type faser because I hate it when you go to the doctors and you are sitting there and it is taking the doctor forever to type in your information.

Those are my reasons why we should be aloud to have tecnology.

My birthday 2012

This year I had a really good birthday I got every thing I asked for and I had a good day.

I had fun at school that day. For dinner I got food from apolos grill and took it to my grandmas house. After I had my dinner I went to the golf couse and played nine holes. I did not play very well but then I almost got a hole in one. The best part of my day was probably golfing I had alot of fun golfing even though I did not play very good. My favourite present was probably getting a couple free months on my phone bill

Over all I had a really good day and had alot of fun.

Hunger Games Movie

I thought that the hunger games movie was a very good movie and it was very interesting.

I thought that the creaters of the movie did a very good job creating this movie. I know that it is hard to create a movie based on a book but I thought that the creaters did a very good job. I thought that When cato and his friends found catnis in a pond and then they chased her but they were just jogging after her like it was no big deal, I found that very unreal because it is a fight to the death and they are acting like it was no big deal.

I like how the creaters added some more interesting scenes in the movie like when catnis was at one end of the battlefield and she was close to the end so they surounded her in fire and then she had to run back in to were the fights are. One of the parts in the movie that I did not like was when catnis burned her leg and then the next morning it was ok because she put cream on it, I found that very unreal and then the same thing happend with petta.

Overall I found that this movie was really well done and it was a very good movie.

hunger games

I am looking forward for the movie today. I am looking forward for a couple of scene like when they are choosing names of the tributes in the hunger games. I am looking forward to see the peoples faces when chosin to be in the hunger games. Another scene I am looking forward for is the part when the hunger games starts and When everyone runs away from each other and some people try and run to the cornicopia. The last thing that i am looking forward for is seeing all the dogs trying to attck Prim and Catnis.

I really really like this book. This book was one of my favourite books to listen to. I found the book very interesting and very deatailed. I would listen to people read me the next two stories but I would probably not read them

I am really happy that my teacher read me the book the hunger games because it was a very Intersting book